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Pelton Turbines

Pictured Above: Pelton Turbine ( Warren McQuitty)

Pelton Turbine ( Warren McQuitty) pelton turbine (Warren McQuitty) Pelton Turbine pelton turbine (Warren McQuitty) 1.1MW Pelton Runner 4 Jet 1.1MW Pelton Turbine ready for shipping

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Generally Pelton Turbines are used when there is a high head of water, 50-1000 meters. A Pelton turbine is a impulse turbine. It consists of a Pelton Wheel which is impinged upon by a jet or multiple jets of water. The Pelton Wheel is mounted directly onto the generator and rotates in a casing which has no pressure of water and is open to atmospheric pressure. The jet or jets of water emanate from spear valves which are similar in design to a large needle valve.

Newmills Engineering manufactures 1 & 2 jet horizontal Pelton turbines and 4-6 jet vertical machines. Generator output can be 5KW to 20MW.

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